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About Me

Malcolm Connor has established himself as a sought after bassist in Toronto’s vibrant music scene. Malcolm has been recorded on multiple albums ranging from jazz to modern folk and hip-hop.

Malcolm continues to perform regularly as a freelance sideman in many small jazz ensembles, as well as in the Toronto Jazz Orchestra. One can also hear Malcolm in singer/songwriter settings with Belinda Corpuz, and the improvisational hip-hop collective "Czyphor". 


In the forced hiatus due to the Covid 19 lockdowns, Malcolm created series of solo works, performed and recorded in isolation, under the banner "MCLoops".  

An alumnus of University of Toronto Jazz Program, Malcolm was the recipient of the 2013 "SUBA Institute Award for Performance

Excellence"  which led to the recording of the eight piece  group "Visim", who's EP consists of original arrangements of music from each of the band members respective cultural backgrounds. In 2017, Malcolm led a Jazz/Hip-Hop collaboration to be the recipient of the "TD Discovery Series" bursary.



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