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Czyphor is a modern hip-hop group based in Toronto. Focussing on the collaborative nature of improvised music, the group explores the connection between their collective musical backgrounds.


Fronted by the extraordinary talent of rapper Eyeda Sophia, and featuring a trio of musicians with cross genre experience ranging from Jazz to Hip-Hop, Czyphor explores the depths of improvised music, freestyle hip hop, and poetry. 


Each Czyphor performance is as new to the musicians as it is to the audience, as music and lyrics are created live and in real time. Entire sets are constructed from improvised grooves and lyrics, or evolve from original compositions. 


A signature of Czyphor’s live performances is the inclusion of community. The band’s name itself is derived from the term “cypher”, which is a freestyle pass-the-mic jam session. 


Individually, Czyphor is:

Eyeda Sophia - MC

Malcolm Connor - Bass

Victor Ray Xu - Keys

Julian Clarke - Drums

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